I am not sure is it me or British media or something else. I noticed since the event of Boston took place there is no news of North Korea on TV or radio as such. I don’t know if this is the same in US. Even though events in Boston were concerning and shocking but still news is news. There are other issues happening around the world and they need to be broadcasted too.

As far as I remember they were going to test another missile. With the intensive publicity created it seemed there was going to be a war. It is not because I like to see a war but one worries how much lies they broadcast? It is amazing how media creates a hype of some issue then let it go. Has that country suddenly gone democratic or there are no reporters in South Korea anymore?

Maybe all reports are very busy in Boston?

In the past I always saw journalism as a job which needed to be done. But recently have come to the conclusion maybe broadcasting corporations and journalists should be regulated more seriously. But then I may be wrong.

Whatever the reason(s) maybe, you can’t disagree media has no hand in effecting public mind. That means nowadays media creates history. It does not sound very good does it?

What is even more worrying, how far media affects politicians’ mind? And is their decision making based on what the media broadcasts?

We shall see.