I tried over the years to educate my people to overthrow these Islamic monsters, but apparently some of us like their personal gain from Islamic thugs than interest of million Iranians. They took the side with bunch of Islamic criminal who unlawfully took power in Iran. They took the side because they receive some kind of benefit from them or they're directly on payrol by them.  These taitors (Khaens) sold out our beautiful country to a bunch of stinky, unshaven rag heads. I

   International crime court(I.C.C) is waiting for ruling criminal mullahs in Iran.  They have to stand trial for the crimes they committed for decades on Iranians. My suggestion is to have several committees in I.C.C.
First committee should be responsble for burning over 500 innocent people in Cinema Rex in city of Abadan  in 1978. Islamic monsters burned them to death and then they turned around and blamed it on shah and his administration. The same trick they’re using right now to for attacking ships in Persian Gulf.
Second committee should be responsible for massacre of political prisoner in summer of 1988. Islamic thugs massacred over 20,000 of political prisoners inside prisons. Needless to say they raped the virgin girls the night before execution.
Third committee should be responsible for the chain of murders such as well know Persian Singer Frydoon Farokhzad.. ... writes such as Pouyandeh… Mokhtari..in 1990's. 
The fourth committee should be responsible for those who had been poisoned to death while they were in custody in Iran. 
Looking forward to hear from I.C.C soon.

The fifth committee should be responsible for embezzlement  of billion dollars of Iranian money who had been stolen by Islamic thugs and had been hidden in overseas banks.