All of a sudden Iroon is awash with the “reformist” Es-hal-talab Jew-hating Joo-obsessed supporters’ glee at the absence of an indafitagable, Former Chicken the ever-nagging torn in their side, blogger.

The jubilation of these amalgamation of Es-hal-Talab Estemrar-talabs, Felestini anti-Iranian Leabenese Habibi Mollafia peons hiding under various Iranian pseudo-names appealing to memories of Kabirs of long ago has reached such extent that the asylum’s doors were opened letting out Pajama Es-hal-talab Tudeh reject rertards incapable of contributing anything comprehensible other than their repetitive drivel of irrational hysterical hatred  in any language let alone in Persian - supposedly their mother tongue , to post their endless mind-numbing personal attacks purposefully deliberately designed to cause flame wars. And the holier than thou Fluffy Ferferi Iroonis’ silence belies their claim to differentiate between genuine commentators and trolls.

Well the joy of these pimps is false as the absence is simply because of the failure of a site whose best daily readership figures do not exceed double figures or low 100’s.  If I had any sense I would not waste any time in Iroon either so no wonder anyone would give up on Iroon given the Dasteh Bill’s auto-piloting ineptitude that’s got us here (there goes any chances of featuring this blog).

Live long and prosper unless you are allergic to words that make you immediately incurably hyperventilate  such as Shah, Pahlavi, Moderinism, Secularism, Golden Age of Iran, Emancipation of Women, Mixed & Free Education, or Land Reform.  So here are a few more to really stir up your irrantional hysterics: Long Live the Shah! Javid Shah! Iran’s Best Days in all of its entire history were over the moment you turned your backs on the modernist principles and HIM