Our Techical Chief has listed the latest changes implemented on iroon. There are more important changes in the works. We know we need to fix and add a lot of things. And we will, in time within our budget. I'm more impatient than all of you combined :)
1. Added a new info-graph type to Survey called Simple Bar. Users can determine if they want to display their Surveys in Real-Time Trend or Simple Bar. The Site Admin can override what type of info-graph should be used on the Homepage, Survey Summary, and Detail Survey pages. Users can select their default Info-graph type in Preferences section on their Profile page. They could still change the Info-graph type when they add a new survey.
2. Follow/Follower modules on the bottom of the front page now display the latest posts first.
3. First-time visitors to the site will be able to select their language, before they actually register on the site. In that past the default language was Farsi, which may not be useful to a visitor who does not know Farsi language.
4. If a user starts viewing the site in a language, and then she changes the language, she will navigate the site in the new language, unless her last browser session is idle for more than 7 minutes. This fixes an annoying user experience in which the user would switch the language and then the next page she visited would send her back to her default language as specified in her Preferences section on her Profile page.