It doesn't look like accountability is understood or valued by the average Irooni. Take the editor of this site and the complete absence of an editorial policy, refusing to provide one other than this is my site so I do what I like.

Whilst it is true this site and its facilities are made available freely, it is the self-publishing contributers' work that brings in the clicks’ advertising revenue and over time the increase in the equity value of his site. The apathy of the owner has been discussed sufficeintly before. So his sudden acitivism of selectively featuring Links (news items) frankly comes as a shock to the system. But as usual, we the pesky users, are left with unanswered questions like a) what was behind the decision to pin selective Links on the front page and b) what is the the criteria for his selections?

Links are mostly news items so we now have selective posting of news in Iroon. Since he won't share the criteria for his selection, we are moving into dangerous territory.