Just a couple of days ago I received an unsolicited/spam phone call on my cell to see if I want to join a pray group or need a pray – press 1 to if you need a pray.


The leader in the White House is even a bigger charlatan then AhmadiNejad, much like him, he travels to the parts of the country where uneducated and ignorance is plentiful and much like a snake oil salesman, sales his product of hate.


The rednecks, much the same as their counterparts in Iran are much more at ease to use the chomagh in place of logic and common sense.



With all that is happening and similarities that is taking a hold here, was the 1979 devolution a failure if one of its goal was to weaken the USA?




tRump is helping to make Russia great again


Embrace BDS movement and Reject occupation, If the bar code starts with 7 29 put it back on the shelf


Buy American, say NO to Chinese madeTrump


“The time is always right to do what is right” – Martin Luther King