As far back as I can remember there has always been a certain tradition in the US politics. The candidates could go after each other with everything they've got, and even accuse one another of lying and cheating. But once the election results are in, the loser congratulates the winner, the sitting President invites the President-Elect to the White House, shows him around and they move forward. The old President retires with dignity and the new one assumes responsibility for all the challenges, old and new.

But something different happened this time around. Trump never let go of his hatred of the Clintons, the Bush family and the Obamas. Even 2 years into his presidency he still talks about all the “wrongs” that they have done, and how everything is still their fault.

Sounds familiar? To the Iranians, of course it is.

This is how we see the politics. All our problems go back to 14 centuries ago when the Arabs invaded us. And the Shah/Mossadegh flare-up, and most recently, how the foreign powers removed the late Shah from the throne. It was all a coup by Jimmy Carter, General Huyser, Sullivan and the Guadeloupe meeting. We were just innocent bystanders getting swept away by an international conspiracy designed to make the Iranians miserable.

So after 40 years in exile we have managed to hack into the American psyche and make many of them to see the politics like many of us; everything is somebody else’s fault and the solution lies with a certain omnipotent leader.