The annual gathering of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is ongoing in Washington D.C. 

The Islamists of all stripes, and their lefty allies, never get tired of vilifying AIPAC.

As a lobby group advocating policies for the mutually beneficial alliance of America and Israel, the only democracy in the entire Middle East, AIPAC is a model for Iranians and other nationalities that care for peace and prosperity of their ancestral homelands. Kudos to AIPAC.

Although Islamist fascists’ NIAC Lobby fronted itself as a guardian of interests of Iran and Iranians, their proven alliance with the unreformable, warmongering and uber-international terror sponsoring Islamist fascists ruling over Iran has exposed that sham.

There has been more than enough hate-mongering by Islamist fascists and their leftie allies, it has produced nothing but devastating result for Iran, Iranians and the entire region.

One day, and that day is not that far off, when Iran is emancipated, those with Iranian lineage, who love Iran and America, will emulate AIPAC and have a lobby just as organized, respected and persuasive as AIPAC. Next to Israel, America has no better friend than Iran that has been emancipated from Islamist fascism. 

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

Ps. lets not forget, Israel is Iran’s historic, cultural and strategic ally. Once Islamist fascists are relegated to the trash bin of history, the alliance of these two great nations will be reconstituted and bring about peace and prosperity to the entire war ravaged Middle East.