Race was a biggest factor when it came to approval of Obama for presidentcy. Between gender different age group, religions, income levels, education, geography and community type NO gap was as wide as the ones between whites and blacks. A racial divide in support of congress could be seen as well, or the question of which party should control congress, blacks chosed Democrats and white Republicans. I am surpised non of the Iranian sites ever address this issue.


  During hostage crisis in Iran, ruling criminal mullahs let the black hostages go and kept the white hostages in custoy for about 2 years. That made a political bridge between criminal mullahs and black community in U.S.

     During shah days,  Iranians used to go out with high profile celebrties such as Marlyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. After revolution,  they end up to go out with blacks such as Melanie Franklin. Melanie Franklin converted to Islam and assumed the name of Marzieh Hashemi. She is currently criminal mullahs' T.V reporter in Iran. Has Iranian husband and half breed black kid by the name of Reza. She was arrested during her visit of her family in Louisiana. She falsely made a report about our dear Neda Agha Soltan. The false report broadcasted on state control T.V in Iran. The parents of Neda should file a law sue against  this woman for fabricating Neda's dramatic assasination.

     During hostage crisis, ranian students who were living in southern states such as Texa or Alabama were more prone to such a predicament to marry black women or black men due to virtue of racism in south.  As a result, we see a lots of half breed black kids who are currently against Trump administration. To hate current adminstration relates to their past history of living in South and has nothing to do with Trump's job performance. It is all about race. 

Iranian women used to compete with latest fashion models in Europe and America during shah days. All the sudden they forcefully weared Islamic hejab and many of them turned to be a "Fatemah Comandos".  Iranians' international prestige was hurt big time. Iranian dignity, and international prestige degraded to the level of blacks with a long history of slavery and canabalism (eating flesh of anther human being). Iran with such a great civilalization and glorious culture became equal to terrorist countties such as Suddan. Iranian's public image degraded to the level of militia armed goup of Black Panther party in America. Black panther party is a militia group who hate white people.  They engaged in many poltical assasinations in America. Isn't that similar to what criminal mullahs were doing in Iran ? Blacks were happy to see mullahs let the black hostage go free and hold the wihite ones.  

    it was NOT coincident that Obama became friend with criminal mullahs' lobby (N.I.A.C) members in Washington D.C. He was welcoming them to the White House and making friends with them. He was making friend with people who took white American hostages such as Maesoomeh Ebtekar's son. Maesoomeh Ebtekar was one of those hostage takers. it is better to say Maesoomeh Ebtekar was one of those white hostage takers because blacks didn't remain hostage. They were allowed to leave Iran and return to America. That made people such as Obama happy. Currently, Maesoomeh Ebtekar's son is living in America.

   It is NOT coincident that Obama sent $400,000,000 cash to criminal mullahs to be delievered in Mehrabad airport in Tehran. With cash money Obama shared his hate from white people with ruling criminal mullahs.  As a result of such a foolish act,  half of the money went into Mullahs' pockets and the other half went to terrorist goups such as Hezbollahs in Lebanon, Hamas, ... Hassan Nasrollah, Mehdi Army... etc. Obama behaved the same as other black people in America behave. 

What is hurting our nation is hypocracy. Hypocracy means to say something and do something else.

it is hypocracy to defend black but not willing to live in black neighborhood.

 it is hypocracy to claim pro "Freedom of Speech" but to delete other people's opinion.  

it is hypocracy to talk constantly about "Democracy", but show no resoect for other peoples' opnion.

Opiniion doesn't kill people, bullet does.