Looking at the comments from the officials from various countries that are participating in the Warsaw meeting as well as reactions from Iranians, either from the regime (yes they ARE Iranian and not Martians), or various factions that constitute one or other forms of “opposition” to the regime, as well as the general public, I can reach one conclusion and one conclusion only; this is a new low for each and every individual that call themselves Iranian. 


There’s on one hand a conference with 25+ nations gathered in Europe to strategizing for security in Middle East without official representation from Iran. Not because the current government of Iran didn’t want to participate, but because nobody wanted them there. They are an international outcast. A group of fist wielding, trash talking, discredited, trouble making, and diplomatically incapacitated folks who do not know how to play dirty while still being counted in international affairs like the majority of other governments with official representation in that conference. 

This is a new low for the regime in Iran and you have to attribute this to their pariah and Mafioso nature. Javad Zarif, the only person that formerly had a sliver of decency and at least could talk to the world in a civilized manner, somehow turned into another one of them, just with a better command of the English Language. Something odd with this regime is that it shreds common decency and humanity in everyone that chooses to serve it. Those who won’t compromise either get locked up or exiled. And make no mistake, folks who run this regime are Iranians. They are a collection of our worst attributes as a nation. They are the bottom of our social barrel and they are in charge. 

This is also a new low for every other Iranian not connected to the regime. 

On the other hand, there are exiled Iranians, be it monarchist, Marxist, whatever, gathering in Warsaw, or on social media and elsewhere, celebrating the fact that there are foreign governments discussing and deciding their fate. This level of historical blindness is astonishing. This behavior is nothing short of a major inferiority complex. Always going through the easy route. Always having someone else do your duty for you so that you can blame them when things go sour. 

No foreign government gives a damn about Iran and her people unless it’s out of self-interest! Period!

And finally, there are the Iranians in Iran. Their indifference suggests that they just don’t seem to want another social turmoil and willing to accept any low as long as things are not shaken up. 

The only hope that remains is that eventually and gradually the young generation in Iran take back their country and their fate. The social shifts within the Iranian society during last 20 years supports this thought. One can only be hopeful in this increasingly disappointing world.