I am pleased to introduce a great new musical talent to you. Ruhan Parsa is a young Iranian vocalist, lyricist, and composer, who lives amongst us in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ruhan's incredibly beautiful and powerful voice can perform and deliver a wide range of musical abilities.

Born in Iran's West Azerbaijan Province, she began her musical profession by becoming a santur and voice student with local masters and continuing with the Persian music modal system (Radeef), and Solfège. Ruhan's repertoire currently holds classical Persian music pieces, Azeri folk music, and a series of pop and jazz and fusion songs. Take a look at this video in which she performs "Negaram," loosely based on an old Iranian melody, "Golnar," originally written by Roohollah Khaleghi and performed by Majid Vafadar.

You can also listen to some of her other songs on her website here.

And here's a clip of a practice session she had with Iranian composer Michael Nejad.


Watch this spot! This young musician is going far. It will be a pleasure to watch her soar and find her rightful position in the Iranian and international music scene. You can keep up with her on her website or on her Facebook fan page.