First a disclaimer, I’m using Jahanshah Javid, the owner, publisher and editor of this very site and previously the much more successful Iranian dot com, as an example of the quandary some Iranians have put themselves in. Therefore, there is nothing personal against Jahanshah or anyone else with his kind of mindset, this is just an observation, which could be right, wrong or a mixture of both.

I should also add, without suffering an iota of censorship, for well over a decade I’ve been posting blogs and other anti-Islamist fascist contents on this site and previously on Iranian dot come. Well, that is until Jahanshah Javid sold his Iranian dot come site and the new owner immediately started censoring contents.  After protesting the practice, I quit contributing anything to that censored site and moved to

Now to the point of this write-up, exempting the ideologues mostly of the lefty persuasion and Islamists, it would be a safe bet to say if they knew the outcome, many conscientious Iranian freedom seekers who participated in the disastrous Iranian revolution against the authoritarian and yet progressive and reformable monarchy of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, would not have done so.

The problem is, Jahanshah-like Iranians have now cornered themselves in believing this unreformable, warmongering and expansionist monstrous killing machine, which they inadvertently have had a hand in its creation, can be excised without real cost.

That is why they perpetually pin their hopes on any impossibility like reformability of Islamist fascism and after years of failing to see its futility, vehemently oppose any measures, like backbreaking sanctions the kind that emancipated South Africans from the tight grip of  the despicable apartheid.

On this New Year lets hope freedom loving Iranians like Jahanshah will soon get to the point of realizing Islamist fascists’ snake oil salesmen promising cure if only you wait it out are just that, snake oils salesmen, say hi to Trita Parsi and his NIAC Lobby. 

Lets also hope freedom loving Iranians like Jahanshah will soon get to the point of realizing there is no avoiding the huge upfront investment in all sorts of sacrifices on the road to freedom, every single democracy has paid it.

Happy New Year to all.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers speeded it up.


Ps. one has to remember some Iranians are so entwined in their anti-Americanism, which has rendered them unable to free themselves from the outdated anti-imperialism/capitalism dogma.