When in exchange for some - not all - of the hostages the Islamist fascists were holding in Iran the Islamist appeaser-in-chief Obama paid the hostage takers billion and half in untraceable cash, it was clear hostage takers would repeat the operation.

At the time the Islamist appeaser-in-chief labeled the ransom payment as paying back the money with interest that Iran under the Shah had paid for military hardware which was never delivered.


“BRIT mum Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s release from jail has been held up after Iran ramped its ransom bill by £100m, it has emerged.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has secretly agreed to settle a 40 year-old debt to Tehran as the price to free the sickly dual national, who turned 40 on Boxing Day.

But The Sun can reveal that diplomats are now locked in a major haggle over how much interest should be paid on the £400m historical debt from a botched military deal.

A court ruled in 2010 that the UK owes Tehran the money after pulling out of an agreement to sell it 1,500 Chieftain tanks after the Shah was overthrown in 1979.

But sources have revealed that Iran is insisting that an interest rate of up to 8% is levied on the cash, pushing the total close to £500m.”

In other words; Islamist fascists are using Obama template this time on the Brits.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

Ps. attached video is from an Islamist fascist documentary detailing how they forced America to pardon and release 7 Islamist fascist agents in American prisons, pay $1.7 billion and stopping judicial prosecution of 16 Islamist fascists. In addition, the Sepah bank was taken off the sanction list. The voiceover in the tape says, all this for releasing 4 American [Iranian-American] in Iranian custody, a”win-lose play”.