Last night my younger sister Michelle sent me a copy of our mother's last will. She passed away in 2004. She was born Shireen Bakhtiar but had changed her name to Radha MacRoberts (long story).


Everything I own, including paintings, jewelry, clothes, furniture, dishes, books, I give to my daughter, Michelle Fulton, to keep or give to my other children, grand-children, or museums as she decides.

My car I give to my son Jahanshah.

I wish to be cremated in a Tao Buddhist ceremony if possible or Hindu and my ashes scattered in the gardens of Shalamzar Bakhtiari (1).

A great meal with a glass of wine should be eaten at the best restaurant and playing of Puccini’s opera La Boheme.

A headstone with “Bakhtiari Rose, Mother, Poet, Artist, 1930 - …” if possible should be placed in graveyard at Hillcrest Cemetery in Weiser (2), Idaho, and Neishapur next to Omar Khayyam and Ferdowsi. Finally to be buried in Paris cemetery du Père Lachaise.

Thank you.

I will love you all forever.


(1) Shalamzar is where my mother's father, Abol Ghassem Bakhtiar, was born. 

(2) My mother's mother, Helen Jeffreys, was born in Weiser, Idaho.