Source: iJET International


Israel and Iran Reportedly Hold Indirect Talks on Syria in Amman: Senior Israeli officials, including the deputy chief of the Mossad - Israel's intelligence agency - and Iranian ambassador to Jordan reportedly engaged in indirect negotiations about fighting and upcoming battles in southwestern Syria in Amman, in mid-May. A Jordanian mediator apparently carried messages between the two sides, who were in different rooms at a hotel.

Analysis: While the Israelis and Iranians holding indirect talks in Amman is a significant development given that Tel Aviv and Tehran view one another as each other's chief foes in the region, it is unlikely that these negotiations will lead to the de-escalation of the conflict in Syria. During the negotiations that supposedly took place in Amman, the Iranians pledged not to allow their forces or Hizballah fighters to participate in upcoming battles that transpire between President Bashar al-Assad's forces and rebel groups in exchange for the Israelis to not conduct airstrikes or intervene in battles in the triborder area. Despite recent alleged talks between the Israeli and Iranian officials, the security situation is highly unlikely to improve in Syria, and there is little chance of some sort of a rapprochement between Tel Aviv and Tehran. There is no trust between the Israelis and Iranians. That the Israeli Air Force conducted airstrikes against military bases in Dabaa, Syria, killing 21 people, including nine Iranians, May 24 - several days after the talks - is indicative of the fact that neither side will honor their promises. While the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that his country would never allow Iran's military presence in Syria, Tehran will not disengage itself from the conflict in Syria, given that it has invested billions of dollars in the survival of President al-Assad to ensure it has the right resources in place in the event of a direct confrontation with Tel Aviv. Neither the Israelis nor the Iranians have publicly confirmed the occurrence of the indirect negotiations.