Hello, and welcome. This is Captain Aquarius, coming to you on April 19, 2018, with a word about Aquarian Airlines flight 416, which took off from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala four days ago, flying to Teheran, Iran, under a momentous Aries Black that heralds the most important planetary event of 2018. More on this in a moment.

Many thanks to those who have kindly written in the months since last November, to ask if I'm all right, and whether my regular Black Moon and Full Moon videos, and the Aquarian Airlines blog posts linked to them, will resume anytime soon. I'm fine, still capable of navigating with your kind help. Other priorities have intervened since last November.

One is that I've recently moved from the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru, my home for almost nine years, to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Much as I have loved the holy, healthy`mountain environment of Pisac, I have also come at 73 to the time when high altitudes cause heaviness in my lungs and my joints, especially my knees, and I need to come down from the strong Sun Andean environment at12,000 feet to live at 5,000 feet, on the measurelessly beautiful volcanic lake that Aldous Huxley once described as "too much of good thing." I will be based here until late July, when I leave to begin  a tour of book signings and astrology events keyed to my new book, The Rain on the Nile. More on this in the next posts in the Aquarian Airlines Moon series.

The main astral news for the moment is that a month from now, at the Taurus Black Moon of May 15, the most important planetary event of the year comes, as Uranus the Revolutionary, the Bringer of Change, the innovative master of science and engineering, and of all electronic wizardry, will move from the sign of Aries into Taurus. This means that the turbulence, nervous excitement and violence that we have experienced in the seven years since 2011 -- as Uranus has moved through the warrior sign of Aries, ruled by Mars -- will now enter the Venus-ruled sign of money and all other kinds of wealth, of art and beauty, love and sex, and above all Venus' crucial energy of Attraction in manifesting what she intends.

I've posted two new items that explore this in more detail:
The video, Goodbye Petrodollar, Hello Petroyuan, now on YouTube; and The Aquarian Airlines post The Money Revolution, which has an initial look at the Uranus-into-Taurus chart for Teheran -- an easy choice, as Iran has now not only discontinued oil sales in petrodollars, but has declared the petrodollar illegal.

So important is this planetary event, so all-embracing in its impact on all of us, on our money and our love lives -- and more important, our emotions and opinions about money and relationships -- that we'll look at this topic again in the next two posts in this series, for the Taurus Full Moon of April 29 - 30 (depending on your location) and the Taurus Black Moon of May 15.

For now an excerpt from the Aquarian Airlines post:

"At the moment, our attention naturally goes to whatever is under today’s roiling surface layer of froth, fear and fever over the usual excitement about war and rumours of war. How do we know the controlling archons are at the point of packing and running in the weeks before the game is up? Because the usual appeals to fear — Fear of Muslims, Fear of Gays, Fear of Women, Fear of Strangers, Fear of Change, Fear of there Flu — are no longer working, so the only way they have of still getting our attention is by wailing endlessly about — all together now — World War Three! 

"Forget it! It’s not happening. Even though death merchants still want to sell and set off as much military hardware as they can, it is not our sacred destiny to be incinerated. We are here for purposes of our evolution into the realization of our power as the force that creates and maintains the universe as the hologram of our collective consciousness. Everything else is distraction.

"Of far more consequence to us are the profound changes that are the shifts of passion, opinion and belief that are occurring now, and are about to intensify, in the areas of Our Money. Note that the money itself is not the issue. As solid and “real” as money appears to people who believe in a world of material things, it is in fact as insubstantial as the wind, even when those who profit by manipulating it are not scamming and spinning about it. What matters is Our Opinions about Money, and whether we see it and our financial position as safe, bright and clear, or as troubled, even doomed. This is why, in our collective genius, we have designed the month ahead as the time that culminates in the most important planetary event of 2018: the ingress of Uranus into the sign of Taurus.

"Why is this momentous, and why does it affect you even if you have little interest in astrology, and for you Taurus is a car model and Uranus may as well be a vape, or a restaurant in San Francisco? The plain deal is that the actions of Uranus above all spell Change, manifesting in welcome and necessary events for those who live in love and see change as an opportunity, and as anxiety and upset for those who live in fear, and see change as a threat. Not surprisingly, as those who live in fear are almost always the materialists who view the world, and validate themselves, in terms of what we do or do not have, change tends to mean instability, adjustments to new learning curves, and above all, loss.

"Uranus is the Revolutionary, the Bringer of Change, innovator in science and engineering, technology and electronic media, high-tech magic — that is, spectacular, ephemeral visual effects rather than the more nebulous illusions that Neptune brings — and all egalitarian forces that bust systems and structures, and spread power outward and downward from hierarchies to gynarchies, i.e., power shared among equals. When Uranus makes a major move, the game changes, the deck gets reshuffled and the house of cards begins to sway."

For more, see the video and Aquarian Airlines post.

Cheers, blessings, unlimited abundance,
Keep Holding That Frequency.

This is Captain Aquarius, doing business again as Dan Furst, coming to you on April 21, 2018 from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.