The Trump temporary visa ban for citizens of six countries, which includes Iran, aside being asinine, in actual terms is counterproductive to its intended aims.

The bad publicity against America this asinine policy has handed the Islamist fascists and their lobbies like NIAC, far outweighs any supposed gains in protecting America.


The U.S. State Department granted a visa to a man in Iran hoping to donate bone marrow to his U.S. citizen brother with blood cancer, obtaining a rare waiver to President Donald Trump’s travel ban, the family’s lawyer said on Thursday.

Mahsa Khanbabai, a lawyer based in Massachusetts, said she received a call on Thursday from the consulate in Yerevan, Armeniawhere Kamiar Hashemi had applied for a visa in February after he learned he was a rare 100 percent match for a transplant that could potentially save his brother’s life.

The status of the visa application was “refused” on the Department’s website but Khanbabai said she was told on the call that a waiver had been granted, two days after Reuters first reported on the case, and that Hashemi should make arrangements to travel to Armenia to pick it up.”

This after the Visa fiasco about an Iranian child first being refused entry for urgent heart surgery and after activists highlighted the issue, was granted visa, once again shows this blanket Trump visa ban is asinine.

President Trump, rescind your visa ban order, it is doing more harm not only to innocent people, it is hurting America’s security by helping Islamist fascists’ propaganda against her.

Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

Picture above;

After his blood cancer diagnosis last year, Maziar Hashemi (pictured), 60, a US citizen, found out his brother in Iran, Kamiar, was a rare 100-percent match. But Kamiar was barred.