There has been a growing wave of hunger strikes by Iranian political and labor union activists to protest against their arbitrary arrests and   imprisonment on trumped up charges by Iran’s  Regime.

Notable among them are Reza Shahabi , and Esmail Abdi.

Reza is the treasurer of Tehran’s Municipal bus drivers’ union. He has been harassed and imprisoned on many occasions for his union activities,  and for  standing for his fellow workers rights. Currently imprisoned, he started his hunger strike on 9th of Augusts to protest against the inhuman conditions in Iran’s prisons,

Esmail, the leader of Tehran’s Teacher’s Union has been imprisoned for six year now for his Union activities. He has been on Hunger strike for 38 days now.


These two men and their fellow imprisoned Comrades are demanding what is considered as the most basic civil rights of the citizens in the rest of the world, for the Iranian nation. These outstanding Iranians are risking their lives by going on Hunger strike. They need and more than deserve our support.

Publicize their plight by writing to your elected government representative demanding their immediate and unconditional release.

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