It has been said Here (paraphrasing) that Iranians deserve to be put on the visa ban because of their “Death to America” rhetoric.


With that I wonder of the sanity of this policy and the advocacy of those aiming to punish Iranians.  What ought to be more important, the rhetoric or the deed itself


Here is my response to the post which has been deleted.


You obviously put far greater weight on rhetoric than the actual deed.   The Islamic Republic of Iran rhetoric is condemnable by all means but it is absolutely stupid to equate rhetoric with deed.  Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt and a host of Arab Gulf nations who have been the primary source of terrorism against the Western Nations including the act of 9/11 and the founder of Al Qaeda and ISIS are exempt from this policy but Iran who has not had any history of terrorism since the 1970s where MEK members had committed such act are included.

Of course it is not that unexpected to hear you putting rhetoric ahead of actions.  The State of Israel with her known 200+ Nukes/WMD and numerous act of terrorism around the world not to mention a FIFTY year occupation which equates to having the means as well as history of act of aggression gets a pass over Iran’s empty rhetoric (shoar)


Reject occupation, If the bar code starts with 7 29 put it back on the shelf