Hélène Zimmer’s very first novel “Fairy Tale” is the story of a young woman whose life is anything but a fairy tale. Coralie is a poorly paid overstressed saleswomen having to put up with a dubious boss while struggling to raise her three children, as well as sustaining her unemployed addicted husband. But her life takes a twist when she gets involved in a reality tv show.


The novel was awarded the 2017 Marie Claire Award for Best Female Novel ( Prix Marie Claire du Roman Féminin 2017) during a ceremony at the Paris Hôtel Montalembert, Tuesday June 6th 2017.

The Jury presided by Fabrice Gaignault (chief editor for culture and celebrity at Marie Claire)  was composed of Anne Assous, Nina Bouraoui, Gilles Chenaille, Peggy Heronneau, Marianne Mairesse ( Managing Editor at Marie Claire).

The 6 finalists competing for the award were respectively:


"Fairy tale" d’Hélène Zimmer (éd. POL)

"L’abandon des prétentions" de Blandine Rinkel (éd. Fayard)

"L’impersonne" de Martine Roffinella (éd. François Bourin)

"Nous partirons" d’Elsa Fottorino (éd. Mercure de France)

"Peggy dans les phares" de Marie-Eve Lacasse (éd. Flammarion)

"Une femme au téléphone" de Carole Fives (éd. L’Arbalète)


About the author:


Hélène Zimmer is  also an actress known for Q (2011), Journal d'une femme de chambre (2015) and À 14 ans (2015).

Learn more about the author at Marie Claire Website Here


“Fairy Tale”


P.O,L Editions

March 2017

288 pages,

17 €

ISBN : 978-2-8180-4204-5


NB: Special thanks to Gwenaëlle Thebault (Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Marie Claire), Marianne Mairesse (Managing editor at Marie Claire), and Fabrice Gaignault (chief editor for culture and celebrity at Marie Claire) for their kind invitation. 


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