Talking of extra judicial killings, this email from a Tehran based friend came today.  What might at least some of us  give to have a tenth of the Khashoggi publicity to follow this case... (By the same token, I wonder whether those suffering oppression in  Saudi Arabia or caring about it... or, for that matter, the starvation and genocide in Yemen were/are not somewhat uplifted by the attention his murder has received.)


This fellow, Farshid Hakki, came to our office for couple of business dealings and I found him interestsing since he had a PhD in political economy and also in law. Was the attorney of couple of political figures including Tabarzadi. Anyhow i just had few encounters with him in our office and then one time accidentally in a restaurant in Babolsar with his wife. Supposedly, he was stabbed with knife and then burnt in his car last Saturday! Almost no mention in the media except in some internet channels and tweets. Very odd in these circumstances to be a planned crime but strangely no public comments!! Seems to be weird! The speech you hear in the video belonged to a year ego as he became a candidate of Tehran's City Council...."