Based on Nijinsky choreography of 1912. You can see an impressive reconstruction of Nijinsky work here.

The music is from Debussy.

Nijinsky - Trailer
A couple of interesting comments in YouTube:

Karla Idoscope
I'm sorry but Charles Jude does a better job at interpreting the faune. As someone mentioned, Rudolph's movements are hesitant and not really smooth all the time. On the other hand, Charles Jude has flowing movements and is in the role. CJ is very charming and romantic as the faune and has overall focused energy. CJ is like a cat.

I have to say though, RN did very well at the end in the "sex" scene. That's the only scene where he needed to be slow. It worked well there.

Susan DA
I find this faune compelling because he is hesitant in an animal way.... the way a wild animal is hesitant in front of a new, intriguing but unfamiliar stimulus. Just my opinion but a confident suave faun approaching the ladies sounds conventional in an uninteresting way.