Shirazi Hercules

This is an amazing retouching skill for the period. But to me it is nothing but collage and retouching which proves the quality of the work.
Among other things, several seconds were needed for the exposure of this photo to take place (this is not taken by iPhone mind you!) and that would have blurred the picture completely unless you really believe our Hercules, not only could lift these guys that way, but could hold them in that position for several seconds without moving!
This is in Qajar period... filling-in for RedWine!

If Trump wasn't born rich

Qajar Silver bracelet amulet

Qajar Silver bracelet amulet

Belonged to Adqas al-Dawlah

Private Collection

Shemiran 1833

Godfrey Thomas Vigne, Plane Tree (Chenar) Shemaroon [Shemiran] near Tehran Persia, 1833, pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor, 28.1cm x 25.1cm. V&A, London.

Qajar Prayer tube pendant

Silver, embellished with turquoise, XIX. Repository Amir Hossein Nikpour Collection.

Girl and Little Boy

Unknown Qajar artist from Iran - Sanikidze, Tamaz (1985), Art Museum of Georgia.

Qajar Lovers

Qajar Lovers in Iran, late 18th c., unknown artist, Georgian National Museum.

Tehran street art in memory of Abbas Kiarostami

Source: Facebook

Qajar females musician

Qajar females musician with a tambourine and playing a spike fiddle, style of Abu'l-Qasim, Persia, Qajar, circa 1820.

Private collection.

Figurine of "Amlash" style of female

Title: Figurine of "Amlash" style of female
Creator: unknown
Date: c. 1200-900 BC
Location: Amlash ?, northern Iran
Time period: Iron Age

Provenance: Gift of Mrs. Frances E. Johnson. Certified by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board under the terms of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act. Attestée par la Commission canadienne d'examen des exportations de biens culturels en vertu d
Type: Figurine
Rights: Royal Ontario Museum
Medium: Ceramic (earthenware)