Murderous Ayatollah Khomeini’s great-granddaughter is sporting a $3,700.00 D&G handbag.


It has become impossible for the Islamist fascists, who ostensibly were to care for the dispossessed, to not show off their possessions all the while Iranians are becoming poorer by the day.

To give you some scale, desperate Iranians are regularly selling their body parts, including corneas and kidneys, for as little as $1100.00

Forget about their multi million dollar mansions, vacation homes all over the world and luxurious cars, with the money paid for her D&G handbag, at least 3 Iranians could keep their bodies intact.


Karim Sajadpour, Senior Fellow at Carnegie Endowment, writes about this photo:

A good example of Ibn Khaldun's theory that empires are built and destroyed over 3 generations: The ascetic Ayatollah Khomeini's granddaughter is photographed with a $3700 D&G purse (at a time when Iranian laborers have been protesting unpaid wages for months)