Inquisitr: Yu Darvish joining the Los Angeles Dodgers might make many fans in Orange County happy, but his relocation from the Texas Rangers will be particularly special to the Iranian community in Southern California.

Currently, Yu Darvish is impressing new fans at his debut Los Angeles Dodgers game. According to the LA Times, Yu Darvish played and won his very first game with the Dodgers on August 4 against the Mets in NYC. The blow against the Mets was devastating with the Dodgers winning 6-0.

Nevertheless, when Yu Darvish gets back to Los Angeles with the Dodgers, he might not be cheered at his next home game because he’s a great MLB player — but because he is Iranian.

As it appears, there may be a silver lining in Yu Darvish joining the Los Angeles Dodgers because it puts him in touch with the largest Iranian community outside of Iran — and Yu Darvish has an Iranian father.

Around July 31, Iranians in Los Angeles came out of the woodwork on Twitter to welcome Yu Darvish. For example, one Twitter user wrote, “Hate baseball but might have to get a Yu Darvish jersey to support the Persian homie.”

Other MLB fans outside of the Iranian community are also reacting to Yu Darvish’s Los Angeles Dodgers move. For example, on Twitter, a Dodgers fan joked on July 31, “Dodgers trying to reach that untapped Persian market in L.A. with the acquisition of Yu Darvish.”

In fact, according to a 2015 article by the NY Times, Yu Darvish’s new Los Angeles home is also the home of the largest diaspora of Iranians in the world. This community has longtime roots in Los Angeles but gained a significant population after the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

In April 2012, when Yu Darvish was added to the Texas Rangers from Nippon Ham in Japan, Iranians in America rejoiced, according to Dallas News. Mainly, it was because Yu Darvish was positively representing Iran in America in a new way >>>