While the Iranian government has warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un not to trust U.S. President Donald Trump, many ordinary Iranians on social media had words of praise for the two leaders.

After June 12’s historic meeting between Trump and Kim in Singapore on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, Iranian government spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht noted the fate of his country’s nuclear deal (JCPOA) and suggested Trump could pull out of the deal with North Korea before returning home.

The sentiment was reflected by Iranian State TV anchor Elmira Sharifi, who tweeted, “How did Kim Jong Un agree to nuclear disarmament?! How could he trust Trump? This president withdraws his signature all the time. Less than two hours after the G7 summit he took his signature [from the final communique] back. He also left the JCPOA and the Paris accord. Trump has guaranteed the security of North Korea! Don’t get fooled Un!”

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