Iranian police have arrested “dozens of steel workers” in Ahwaz during Monday night and Tuesday June 12.

The Independent Union of Iranian Workers reported on its website that about 50 workers of the National Steel Group were arrested at Kian Pars Square in Ahvaz during a Monday night gathering in which workers demanded three months of their unpaid wages.

At least another 15 steel workers were also arrested by a police special unit during a protest gathering in front of the Khouzestan Province governor’s office on Tuesday.

The labor union has released the names of 32 of the detained workers, adding that “in a brutal insult on the working class,” the detainees are imprisoned at a camp set up to for drug addicts.

Steel workers staged another demonstration in front of the local governor’s office, demanding the release of their co-workers.

Videos released on social media show steel workers chanting slogans calling on the government to free jailed steel workers.

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