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Because one of the things that unifies many of the thinkers in the IDW is a belief that the evolutionary strategies that got us to where we are now are unlikely to get us any further — particularly our hard-wired tribalism. That the tools at our disposal are so powerful that the odds of our survival are not high unless we can find a way to move beyond our current level of thinking. As Eric’s brother and evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein says: “Evolution gets you here and it almost certainly will end in a self extinguishing event if you keep playing the evolutionary game. You can’t continue to dance with the one that brought you.”
Just look at the topics covered in just these two conversations, the Rubin Report shows with Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro and Eric and Bret Weinstein. The first starts with the deepest questions of the relationship between religion and society, and in the first ten minutes seems to integrates two very different religious perspectives. Peterson integrates Shapiro’s perspective that there is a divine principle ‘from above’ so to speak — with his argument that there is also an emergent morality that comes from evolution ‘from below’ — and that they in some sense come together.
The Weinstein discussion ranges from the likelihood of annihilation via technology, through an analysis of the corruption of news by the profit motive all the way to a description of the “political PTSD” many of the left are now feeling as they are pushed out of their tribe by identity politics.
In both you have a sense of a freewheeling exploratory conversation where the participants are genuinely discovering new territory as they travel.

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