The Gatestone Institute:

  • If we were to go by Mogherini's or Westmacott's "commitment" to an unchangeable "Iran Deal", Britain and France should have never denounced the "peace accord" that Chamberlain signed in Munich in 1939.

  • However, the EU argument about "respecting signatures" on the Iran Deal has another problem, because nobody signed anything.

  • Ironically, the only P5+1 member that has partially complied with the deal is the US, including by Mafia-style smuggling of $1.7 billion cash to Tehran.

  • Earlier this month, the spokesman for the Iran Atomic Energy Agency told a press conference that Iran's nuclear project was "going full speed ahead" with "new and more ambitious plans under preparation."

The so-called "Iran nuclear deal," a witches' brew concocted by that most deserving of Nobel peace laureates, Barack Obama, has furnished the theme of many bizarre diplomatic twists and turns. The latest is an attempt by the European Union to persuade President Donald Trump to renege on his campaign promise to improve or scrap the deal.

During the past year, the EU's foreign policy point-woman, Federica Mogherini has been collecting air-miles calling on world capitals to demand "commitment" to the deal, as if this were an article of faith in an as-yet undefined religion.

The retiring British Ambassador to Washington, Sir Peter Westmacott, has been granting interviews to Iranian media, demanding kudos for having spent "much time and energy" trying to persuade the US to stick by the deal.

Outgoing German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel also boasts about having spent much energy in his final months in office "defending the deal" as a Crusading knight protecting a holy relic.

And now is the turn of the French Ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud, to launch a Twitter campaign to persuade the Trump administration to "honor" that most questionable item in Obama's legacy.

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