HAZOR AIRBASE, Israel ― U.S. and Israeli contingency plans for a joint response to an Iranian missile attack could be activated at any moment, with U.S. forces arriving in Israel from Europe in 72 hours, officers from both countries explained.

“It depends on the scenario at some point, but we will have fighting forces moving within 72 hours,” U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, 3rd Air Force commander, told reporters at Hazor Airbase on Thursday during Juniper Cobra, a biannual air defense drill aimed at honing the ability of both nations to operate as a joint task force, or JTF, against an Iranian missile attack.

“We can phase in our forces as required, but almost immediately, we can start moving forces.”

“For us, we call it a dress rehearsal because we understand that this can happen, and [the joint task force] can be activated at any moment,” Lt. Col. Tal Kaduri, head of cooperation for the Israel Air Defense Force, told Defense News.

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