By all accounts Le Drian’s recipe failed in Tehran.

The soufflé that had risen in so many countries across the globe failed to rise.

Le Drian’s failure is the latest in a string of such forlorn bids by big, medium and small powers trying, in the words of former US President Barack Obama, to “bring Iran into the dance.”

There are many reasons for such failures.

The first is the fact that we have two Irans: one is Iran as a nation-state with the normal interests, fears and aspirations of any typical nation-state, and the other is Iran as a revolution with the irrational dreams and ambitions of all revolutions.

This duality means that Iran cannot develop a coherent policy on any issue, domestic or foreign as the interests and aspiration of the two Irans, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, do not always coincide.

Because Iran has a problem with itself it is bound to have problems with everyone else.

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