Zahra Kazemi. Hamid Ghassemi-Shall. Homa Hoodfar. And now Kavous Seyed-Emami.

All four are Iranian-Canadians who were imprisoned and maltreated by the Iran government after their arrests on dubious charges of espionage.

Mr. Ghassemi-Shall and Ms. Hoodfar were eventually released, thanks to international pressure.


But Mr. Seyed-Emami died on Friday in Tehran's Evin Prison, the same chamber of horrors in which Ms. Kazemi was raped, tortured and murdered in 2003.

There is a hollow familiarity to Mr. Seyed-Emami's death, and to Iranian officials' claims as to how it came about. They say he committed suicide, but they are so unsure of their ability to defend that claim that they told Mr. Seyed-Emami's family that there would be no autopsy, and ordered them to quickly bury his body without ceremony on Tuesday.

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