The Canadian government is calling on Iran to conduct an investigation into the death of an Iranian-Canadian professor, who died in a Tehran prison after his arrest on allegations of spying last month.

Kavous Seyed-Emami, 64, recently died under suspicious circumstances. His family was told last Friday by Iranian authorities that he died by suicide – a claim the family rejects. It is not clear when exactly he died.

Omar Alghabra, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said Canada is "deeply concerned" about the circumstances surrounding Mr. Seyed-Emami's death.


"We are calling on the Iranian government to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into his [Prof. Seyed-Emami's] death on behalf of the Canadian government. We are asking for answers," Mr. Alghabra said during the daily question period in Parliament Monday.

A senior Canadian government official said Canada asked for the investigation via diplomatic channels.

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