Days after famous footballer Ali Karimi lashed out at Isfahan’s Anti-Vice Headquarters for filing a complaint against him, Iran’s football federation has referred the former football star to a disciplinary committee.

The federation insists it took the measure after Karimi made inappropriate comments during a press conference on February 2, which took place ahead of a game between Sepidrood Rasht, the team he coaches, and Esteghlal Khuzestan. Karimi broke federation rules by deviating from technical matters of the game and launching an attack on Iranian TV’s sports show Program 90, the football federation itself, and the Referees’ Committee.

Although the federation will not have welcomed the criticism or Karimi’s refusal to adhere to the rules, the disciplinary procedure was taken days later, after the football star lashed out at Isfahan’s Anti-Vice Headquarters when they filed complaint against him, and when he further questioned the financial activities of the Iranian football federation and its highest officials. Another piece of evidence cited in the complaint was Karimi’s support for Iranian footballers Masoud Shojaei and Ehsan Hajsafi, who caused controversy when they dared to play for a Greek team against the Israeli team Maccabi in 2017.

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