Swarajyamag - Ashok Sajjanhar:



The Arakan Rohnigya Salvation Army (ARSA) has emerged as a potent militant force, which killed large numbers of Myanmar security forces on 25 August, 2017. This action was severely condemned by India just before Modi's visit. About 40,000 Rohingyas are in India. India has declared them as illegal immigrants and said that they will be deported as per international humanitarian procedures. Modi commended DASSK's leadership and extended full support to her in resolving this problem. DASSK has been at the receiving end of international criticism. Many world leaders have termed her action as genocide. Even the UN has termed her treatment of the Rohingyas as near genocide. DASSK has on the other hand termed the international reporting on the Rohingyas as a ''huge iceberg of misinformation”. Under these circumstances, the understanding and support of India, the largest democracy, came as a breath of fresh air for DASSK. She thanked Modi profusely for India's position on the issue.


The author is a former Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan, Sweden and Latvia. He is currently President, Institute of Global Studies.”


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