I am not sure if you have been keeping up with the news, but Bibi Netenyahoo has made 6 trips to see Putin this past year, Saudi Royals have been visiting with Putin on a regular basis… the latest announcement was of the King himself … the 81-year-old, Salman Bin Abdulaziz al Saud’s impeding visit to see Putin.

We are told, by people in Putin’s entourage that Bibi was banging on tables decrying Iranian presence in Syria, and urging Putin to dump Iran and join in as a partner with Israel and Saudi Arabia in massive energy projects and the ‘carve up’ of Iran.

The Saudi’s for sure are on record with pushing the U.S. to cut off the snake’s head i.e. Iran (wiki leaks transcripts of conversations with U.S. Secretary of State)! As of yesterday, it was reported that in mediation discussions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Trump underscored that unity “among the United States’ Arab partners is essential to promoting regional stability and countering the threat of Iran”.

You must wonder what specifically requires that a decrepit, handicapped, 81-year-old king who can’t even go to the bathroom by himself, go to Moscow for a private meeting with Putin?

Now, let’s be clear the regime in Tehran are no saints. Neither by the way are Putin, Trump, Netanyahoo or King Salman! I am NOT supporting any one or any cause, in writing this blog. In fact, I am on the record as an opponent of theocracy – everywhere – especially Iran.

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