Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) promotes sectarianism against Sunnis in the predominantly Shiite country, a report in al-Arabiya stated yesterday while warning of a potential civil war. It also accuses the Iranian regime of working to eliminate Sunnis through sectarian activities and disrupting development in their provinces.

According to the report, clerics' activities and IRGC institutions are increasing in southern areas of the country, especially in the Sistan, Baluchistan and Khorasan provinces.

Iran, which has been accused of exposing sectarian fault lines in the region, especially in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, tried to soften its rhetoric as President Hassan Rouhani said there should be greater unity between Shiites and Sunnis and that they had coexisted side by side peacefully for hundreds of years.

During former U.S. President Barack Obama's time in office, Iran enjoyed the opportunity to fill the vacuum in the Middle East after the White House abandoned its traditional allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

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