On Sunday evening, a group of families of the Iranian border guards martyred in service and of the martyrs defending the holy Shiite shrines had a meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei in Tehran.

In the gathering, the Leader opened up by speaking on the concerns of the people, namely on the recent barrage of threats from the US government and their allies, and stated, "Don't take all the huff and puff of the newcomer in the US seriously. The US has always wanted to overthrow the Islamic establishment of Iran."

Imam Khamenei then added, “The only thing that has changed, is the tone of speech; We have always faced the huff and puff since the early days of the revolution -for nearly 40 years now- they couldn’t do anything then, when the newly-born revolution was a small seedling in the ground; they surely can't cut it down now, since it's grown into this strong fruitful tree.”

“You see, from the beginning of the Revolution, we had countless numbers of those who wished to destroy the Islamic Republic, and they are now in the depths of hell, leaving this world with regret and frustration,” Imam Khamenei explained.

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