Former Secretary of State John Kerry and other top national security experts are backing an organisation aimed at defending the Iran nuclear deal, as Donald Trump determines for the first time whether to temporarily alleviate some restrictions on the country.

The deadline for Mr Trump to make his decision is on Thursday, the day before he is set to depart for his first trip abroad as president. During his presidential campaign, the US leader repeatedly called the accord with Iran “the worst deal ever”, and Vice President Mike Pence threatened to rip it up.

On his overseas trip, Mr Trump is likely to discuss issues involving Iran in Saudi Arabia and Israel. Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu urged members of Congress two years ago to reject the Iran deal, saying it would only feed an “Iranian terror machine”.

Jon Finer, former Chief of Staff and Director of Policy Planning at the State Department, told The Independent one of the goals of ‘Diplomacy Works’ is to “bring accurate, nonpartisan information about the deal at a time when the focus on Iran policy is increasing and there is widespread disinformation about what is in it and how it is working.”

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