Earlier this week, Masih Alinejad brought to light one woman’s disturbing run-in with Iranian morality police in Tehran. Footage she posted on her My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page showed a young Iranian woman who had been pulled over by by authorities and, apparently, stripped of her driving documentation. As she stood in front of the police vehicle and protested, the officer behind the wheel drove over the woman, and only stopped when she was almost entirely pinned beneath the automobile.

Alinejad told Women in the World that she has put out a call to men and women in Iran to send her more videos of their encounters with morality police that show women’s rights being violated. On Thursday, she posted two new clips sent to her by people inside Iran.

In the first video, shot on a mobile phone from inside the morality police vehicle, a young woman who had been on her way to work, and detained along with some friends, can be heard being harassed by an officer over the length of her coat, and why it’s unbuttoned, according to a subtitled translation on the video.

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