Former Sen. Joe Lieberman supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but on Wednesday, he called the shift from President Obama to President Trump “enormously significant and hopeful” when it comes to Iran.

“Though I will say that I was a proud supporter of Secretary Clinton in the election last year, when it comes to the question of Iran, the change from President Obama to President Trump is an enormously significant and hopeful change,” he told a Nowruz (Persian new year) gathering on Capitol Hill.

He said a long tradition of bipartisanship on the Iran question had “stopped for a moment” when Congress considered the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal.

“The divide was almost totally Republicans against the agreement, Democrats for it,” he recalled. “And I think that was for one reason only:  That was that President Obama was so personally involved in it and made such personal appeals to Democratic members of the Senate.”

“But I think you’ll find and already have found that the bipartisan consensus about the threat that Iran represents has returned,” he said, “and there’s a real interest in focusing in on a regime in Iran and changing what exists now.”

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