In the heart of Persian Square, in West Los Angeles, everyone is getting ready for Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, when family members visit each other.Normally it’s the busy season for the travel agencies that cater to the Iranian community. But not this year.

“They ask us questions more than they make reservation,” said Sherry Tahouri, owner of Shahrezad Tour and Travel.

Tahouri caters mostly to the Iranian Community in Los Angeles, many of whom still have family in Iran. 

President Donald Trump’s revised executive order banning travelers who do not currently have visasfrom six Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. for three months is scheduled to take effect on March 16.Among the six countries on the travel order is Iran.

Even before it takes effect, the order is disrupting Nowruz travel plans. “Most people when they purchase their ticket, they are purchasing a non-refundable ticket, the lowest fare and in that case, they were asking, 'We need our refund because we’re scared to go there. We don’t want to go,'” said Farhad Besharati, owner of Travel ATT.

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