Source: irwincotler.liberal.ca
Fifteen-point plan flows from testimony, recommendations of Iran Accountability Week

Ottawa – June 4, 2015 – MP Irwin Cotler today issued an Action Plan to combat human rights violations in Iran anchored in, and inspired by, the witness testimony and recommendations of the Fourth Annual Iran Accountability Week, which included also a Take-Note Parliamentary debate, a unanimous resolution of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Human Rights, and the Global Iranian Political Prisoner Advocacy Project where Parliamentarians advocate for political prisoners. The Action Plan is a blue print for governmental, parliamentary, and civil society advocacy.

“Nuclear negotiations have been overshadowing if not sanitizing the Iranian regime’s massive domestic repression,” warned Cotler. “That repression includes an unprecedented execution binge, with 12 people hanged this past Monday morning alone; the intensified persecution of the Bahá’í religious minority; criminalization of dissent; and the continuing unjust imprisonment of more than 900 political prisoners and prisoners of conscience including women, human rights defenders, ethnic and religious leaders, journalists, bloggers, students, trade union leaders – in a word, the leaders of Iranian civil society – many under threat of execution”...

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