Cartoon by Phil Hands

The Independent: Last week was a busy week for the National Rifle Association.

America’s leading pro-firearms group began Monday September 25 by condemning the “hysteria, fake news and fearmongering” of gun control advocates who were “desperately seeking to thwart” the SHARE Act which would make it easier for weapon-owning citizens to buy silencers.

It was a message hammered home throughout the week, with the NRA issuing five tweets about the silencer legislation on Thursday alone.

A busy Friday saw six of the NRA’s weekly tally of 31 tweets, plus a retweet announcing: “It’s Full Auto Friday!  Here’s a look at the workhorse M240 machine guns currently in use with the US military.”

On Monday, however, after Stephen Paddock killed 59 people using semi-automatic guns that may reportedly have been modified to make them fully automatic, the NRA’s twitter feed fell strangely silent.  So did the NRA’s facebook page.

The NRA blog site found space on Friday for a venison pastrami recipe, but had no room on Monday for a comment on the most deadly mass shooting in US history – or anything else >>>