The outgoing president Obama delivered his farewell address in Chicago. As expected and is customary, he lauded his own success(s) and piled-on accolades on himself.

However, as far as Iran and the Middle East are concerned, facts on the ground trump Obama’s outrageous lies.

Obama leaves office with Middle East on the verge of total war, millions upon millions of Syrians in refugee camps or flooding Europe, and Islamist fascists-“reformers” and all- warmongers fighting , or as they put it, wars of “Islamic conquests” in many countries including Syria, Yemen, Iraq, …..

But, Obama’s biggest flat-out lie is his assertion that with the faulty legacy nuke deal he cut with the Islamist fascists’ Führer, as he put it in his farewell address:

“…shut down Iran’s nuclear program without firing a shot.”

That claim is a lie because, all the billions of shots Islamist fascists are allowed to fire in many wars is part of the price for Obama’s faulty legacy nuke deal.

Moreover, Islamist fascists' nuke program is ongoing, it is only going to be monitored for the next 9 years or so and thereafter, should they wish to have nuke bomb, they can do so and legally at that.

Obama’s disastrous Middle East policy is unconscionable, I have no doubt history will continue to blame him for a job lousily done.

Lets hope president-elect Trump, whose victory is owed to Obama, will undue the damages done and not add to them.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it

Ps. as an initial Obama supporter and enthusiast, his failures are particularly hurtful.