In addition to ... spreading depravity, they reproduce like hatching machines and as their children have no guardians, they sell them,"

There is a project… agreed on by many NGOs and the social elite, that if a women is sick…..she should be sterilized with her own approval, and not forcefully".

Just imagine if the above statement was made by president-elect Trump, before the American people, the West-residing Iranian lefties would have jumped on it in a jiffy.

Obviously Trump has not made such clearly vile suggestion, which is reminiscent of the Nazi Germany. However, the deafening silence of the leftie lovelies has encouraged the Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all- to repeatedly bring up the idea of sterilization and talk about Iranian women as inanimate objects.

I like to take this opportunity to ask all the peaceniks and the lovely humanitarian lefties, who have collectively taken a vow of silence about the warmongering of the Islamist fascists, why they refuse to condemn whatever crimes the Islamist fascists commit?


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.

Ps. perhaps to test the waters, few days ago, one of the Islamist fascists’ talentless “actresses” and her “reformist” husband tweeted in Persian about “forced sterilization” of women as the solution to “problem “ of street children and the ever growing homelessness among women.

The actress who has not missed a meal, and could lose at least 50 pounds, in part said: “why should our government spend the resources to feed the children of these women who hatch them one after another?”