In recent months many programs on BBC Persian ( aka Ayatollah BBC), VOA and even Manoto have all in the name of "pluralism" been hosting programs flirting with the idea of Iran as historically "prejudiced" to ethnic and religious minorities .


How responsible is this at a time when nations in the region are crumbling precisely along ethnic and religious lines to go about and advocate something which transcends the very nature of the Islamic Republic ( horrible in itself) but concerns our territorial integrity which should unite us beyond ideological differences and which cannot be subject to questioning if we deem to be patriots before anything else ? 


The current brand of so called self proclaimed "intellectuals" representing the Iranian Diaspora ( often promoted as such by State Sponsored Western Medias like BBC and VOA) who for the most supported the revolution against the Nationalistic Shah on grounds that he was a "western puppet" today go about advocating ideas of a "federalist" Iran in the name of "pluralism" notwithstanding the threat such ideas represent to Iran's territorial integrity:


Rudaw: KDPI leader justifies attack on revolutionary guards, saying Iran is no ‘island of peace’




Not only were these people against the Shah ... ultimately they are proving to be against Iran ! 


Details of conference below: 


The Challenge of Pluralism in Iran 

As Iran moves toward reintegration with the global system, the country's rich mix of ethnic religious and cultural minorities are asking for greater national pluralism.

Join us on June 15th for a symposium on the history and aspirations of Iran's diverse population groups. What is an optimal response from democratic governments, media and civil society?

Speakers include prominent members of the Ahwaz-Arab, Azarbaijani, Baha’i, Baluch, Kurdish, Sunni, Turkman, and other minority groups. Also, hear from Dr. Shirin Ebadi Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and other prominent Iranian and American human rights defenders.

Event Announcement here