• Are kinda like Iran: Could’ve been somebody
  • Are offspring of the same person
  • Admins that are clueless about politics or admining with a starting position being NIACi, Namazi, Khatami, Rouhani supporters that often need written proof before admiting what was fairly obvious from the start
  • Majority of readers and contributors are baby boomers and some are dead
  • Have serial bloggers that seem to have no decipherable opinion other than I am therefore I’m right
  • Started by blocking anything that moved outside of invisible and utterly arbitrary conduct lines but JJ’s travels instilled wisdom; chinca tu madre y la gramputa he said. As long as they click, no me importa
  • Neither seem to understand the concept of user feedback and engagement at any depth
  • Have Toodei and lefti that will pi$$ on anything that mentions Shah (or West) without some sort of a put down. Iranian.comers seem to be specialists
  • Have far right ultra nationalist that pi$$ on anything that allows room for anything other than an Aryan nation and superiority of Western ideals
  • Islamists and Mozdoor (paid and volunteer) are omnipresent with advantage to
  • Going downhill. A reflections of a people that have forgotten what made them a people



  • has been “hacked”. Amazingly Iroon with its world class tier 4 DC Security has not been hacked (pending the right trigger aka buyer)
  • Iroonians generally do not seek refuge in with a few well know exceptions whose differences have evolved into family feuds
  • Iranian.comers seem to like skating and floating anywhere that brings clicks depending on the direction of the wind
  •  Since the great mysterious hacking of there have been some seriously pent up need for self expression; now busy marking territory and polling anonymity. On the plus side blogs sit there for only 6 days rather than 6and 1/2 and we have more chains of poems and things
  • There has been multiple feuds and air wars since the great hacking has collided these two digital arcades
  • Iroonians had somehow managed to maintain a marginal decorum despite lack of adult supervision; great hacking has thrown that out the window for now