We don't have much time. The new visa restrictions against Iranian Americans is discriminatory and completely irrational. If you agree, please sign and share with others. We have one week to reach the necessary 100,000 signatures needed to make it meaningful. 



Take Action Against the Discriminatory Repercussions of the Visa Waiver Program Improvement Act of 2015 (H.R. 158)

Petitions.whitehouse.gov: While we are supportive of efforts that will strengthen the security of the Visa Waiver Program to help prevent terrorists from entering the United States, we are deeply troubled by provisions of H.R.158 that could unintentionally impact the Iranian American community.

We commend your efforts to protect our national security by revising the Visa Waiver Program but strongly urge you to amend H.R.158 and resist efforts to include provisions that adversely affect a group of Americans based on their national origin or legitimate travel plans in the final passage of legislation.

Creating two classes of American passport holders is highly discriminatory, un-American, and of questionable legal validity >>> sign here