Do you remember “Sister Mary” the hostage taker?  She is the Islamist hostage-taker who had a big part in the 444 days of holding and abusing American diplomats as hostages in Iran.

Like other Islamist fascists, Sister Mary used her criminal behavior as a steppingstone to a lifetime of wealth and official positions.

Sister Mary married fellow hostage taker, Seyed Mohammad Hashemi-Esfehani, who together have made a very cushy life, which one of their children is enjoying the windfall of his parents’ crimes in Los Angele.

Sister Mary’s niche is Iran’s Environmental Protection Agency, which has been her fiefdom for ages.

Under her rule, lucrative land deals including clear cuttings scarce jungles, unwise construction of dams and other crimes against nature has had an undeniably devastating result.

Now even Sister Mary’s employees are demonstrating against “incompetent management, disregarding the advice of professional environmentalists, cronyism and low salaries.”

I like to take this opportunity and congratulate the “reformist” wing of the Islamist fascist –“reformers” and all- cabal for having such a stellar member.

Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.

picture above, Vice President Massoumeh Ebtekar, aka, Sister Mary, during her hostage taking days on the grounds of U.S. Embassy in Tehran.